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The function of ICS includes assigning one central coordinator, the incident commander , to manage response activities by assigning personnel, deploying equipment, obtaining additional resources, and coordinating with participating partners as needed. The incident commander delegates emergency management responsibilities as needed, and thereby maintains necessary focus on the overall picture of the disaster situation.

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Often, the incident commander is the local fire chief or commissioner. Unified Command within ICS is used when there is a multi-agency response during a large disaster. Unified Command allows for the integration of local, state, and federal agencies to operate under one overall management structure with greater authority. ICS functions are performed in a facility called the Command Center or Operations Center from which emergency management operations are conducted.

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The Incident Command System In the event of a disaster, leadership for emergency management is assumed and maintained by local government officials. The Role of ICS The primary role of ICS is to establish planning and management functions for responding partners to work in a coordinated and systematic approach.

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These functions can include: using common terminology, integrating communication media, creating a unified command structure, coordinating resource management and allocation, and planning. ICS Management Systems The Command Section is responsible for developing, directing, and maintaining communication and collaboration with the multiple agencies on site, and working with the local officials, the public, and the media to provide up-to-date information regarding the disaster. We hope that this announcement will lead to the prevention of similar incidents in the future, and we will continue to make sincere efforts toward continuous Japan-ROK and Japan-ROK-U.

S defense cooperation. The MOD made a public announcement regarding this incident first announcement. On the same day, at the Japan-ROK foreign ministry bureau chief-level talks, the Japanese side expressed its regret and urged the ROK to prevent recurrence.

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It was decided that both governments, including defense authorities will discuss. December 27, The first working-level meeting between officials from Japan and the ROK was held Held as video teleconference.

On the same day, the MOD released its views fifth announcement. At the Japan-ROK foreign ministers' phone talks on the same day, it was agreed that it is important that defense authorities discuss the issue based on facts and resolve it at the earlies possible date. Held in Singapore. January 21, January The MOD summarized and made publicly available the Ministry of Defense MOD 's final position based on the objective facts as possessed by the Japanese side along with the recordings made by the MSDF aircraft at the time of the incident sixth announcement.