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There are many alleged Eucharistic miracles -- that is, incidents in which the Eucharist is said to bleed, to survive things like fire or other phenomena that should have destroyed its accidents, to levitate, to never corrupt, etc. But the miracle that took place at Lanciano is one that has been deemed "worthy of belief" and studied scientifically, so I must mention it here.

Lanciano is a town in Abruzzo, on the eastern side of Italy, near the Adriatic Sea. There, in the 8th century, a Basilian priest was offering Mass at the monastery of St. He was experiencing a crisis of faith, doubting the reality of the Eucharist, so God granted him a very unusual and great grace: when he got to the words of consecration, the transubstatiation that took place was more than one in which the accidents of bread and wine remained; in this instance, the accidents themselves transformed into biological flesh and blood.

That is, the bread and wine became the Body and Blood of Christ in a way that was evident to the physical eyes.

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The bread became a mass of bloody tissue, and the wine separated into five distinct globules, as if clotted and perhaps to memorialize the Five Wounds. In , an anonymous writer put to paper what had been handed down to him by tradition and, perhaps, no longer extant documents : He [the Basilian priest] was so confused and terrified by such a Stupendous Miracle that he stood utterly dumbfounded as if by ecstasy for a long period; but eventually, his fear gave way to the spiritual happiness that filled his soul, and he turned his joyful yet tearful face to those around him and cried out: "O fortunate friends to whom the Blessed Lord has deigned to reveal himself in this Most Holy Sacrament and to make himself visible before your eyes and to dispel my own unbelief.

Over the centuries, the Franciscans came to be in charge of the church now known as the church of St. Francis and, hence, the Body and Blood, which where eventually housed in a silver monstrance dating to , and a 17th century crystal chalice, respectively see picture at the bottom of this page.

Then, between November of , and March of , the Body and Blood were subjected to the techniques of modern science. The results of the studies -- performed by Dr. Edoardo Linoli, professor of anatomy and pathological histology, and of chemistry and clinical microscopy, and former head of the Laboratory of Pathological Anatomy at the Hospital of Arezzo, assisted by Dr.

Ruggero Bertelli, retired professor of human anatomy at the University of Siena -- were published in volume 7 of " Quaderni Sclavo di Diagnostica ". I believe in God ,all things are possible with Him! I believe in God Through Him all things are possible! Thanks God for the great gift greatest treasure the Eucharistic! The body and blood of our savior Jesus Christ!

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Love You Jesus with all my heart! I love u Jesus. I believe You. I adore You. I praise You my Lord and saviour.

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Thank You Jesus. I trust in You. I adore you my Lord and my God. Jesus, increase my faith in you daily.

How Eucharistic miracles show Christ’s blood type | Catholic Herald

My hope is in you and I love you. This is a photograph of the Miracle Host of the real Flesh of Jesus Christ which has been preserved in a monstrance for all to see and venerate in a church in Lanciano, Italy where the Eucharistic miracle happened in the year A. For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him.

This miraculous event took place in the little Church of St. Domitian, as a divine response to a Basilian monk's doubt about Jesus' Real Presence in the Eucharist. It is the first and greatest Eucharistic Miracle of the Catholic Church. The Church of St. Legontian and St. Domitian is located in the center of Lanciano, Italy - a small, medieval town, situated halfway between San Giovanni Rotondo, and Loreto.

According to tradition, Longinus, the centurion who thrust the lance into the side of Jesus, tearing in halves the Heart from which blood and water gushed forth, was from this town. After seeing the events which followed the piercing of Jesus' Heart, the darkening of the sun, and the earthquake, he believed that Christ was the Savior. A more physical sign, however, was that Longinus had had poor eyesight, and after having touched his eyes with the water and blood from the side of Jesus, his eyesight was restored.

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Converted, he gave up the Army and went to Cappadocia where he was martyred for the faith. He is now known as Saint Longinus. His feast is celebrated every March The situation in the world did not help strengthen his faith. Rodrigues once again weighed the five globules in the presence of witnesses and arrived at the same conclusion.

Remember though that eight centuries had passed and no visible sign of deterioration had taken place. In , the original ivory reliquary was replaced by one of silver and crystal.

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The Flesh is displayed in a monstrance just like the Sacred Host, and the globules of Blood are in a crystal chalice, which some believe is the actual chalice used by the monk for Mass. The most thorough study occurred in Pope Paul VI permitted a series of scientific studies on the precious relics to verify their nature. Odoardo Linoli, professor of anatomy and pathological histology, chemistry and clinical microscopy, and head physician of the hospital of Arezzo, conducted the study.

He was assisted by Dr. Ruggero Bertelli, professor emeritus of human anatomy at the University of Siena. The analyses were performed in accord with scientific standards and documented, and Dr.

How Eucharistic miracles show Christ’s blood type

Bertelli independently corroborated Dr. Linolis findings. In , using more advanced medical technology, Dr. Linoli conducted a second histological study; he not only confirmed the findings but also gathered new information.

The major findings from this research include the following: The Flesh, yellow-brown in color, has the structure of the myocardium heart wall and the endocardium, the membrane of fibrous-elastic tissue lining all the cardiac cavities. These have the same appearance as in the human heart.

Eucharistic Miracle

No traces of preservatives were found in the elements. The blood was also of human origin with the type AB. Proteins in the clotted Blood were normally fractioned with the same percentage ratio as those found in the sero-proteic make-up of normal, fresh human blood. The blood contained these minerals: chlorides, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium.