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What Is Clickbank?

The free version is quite capable of making everything from business cards to social media graphics to flyers, and it has many stock designs that you can use as a source.

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They're a little bland but still a great place to start learning by doing. Adobe Spark - I have yet to use this tool, but it came highly recommended from Passive Guy. It is a free online and mobile graphic design tool that you can use to easily create beautiful images, videos, and web pages. And yes, it does print, too. BookBrush - This is a relatively new service which is intended to compete with Canva by focusing solely on authors making advert and other promo graphics for their books.

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It has many templates that you can customize and use. It doesn't do print yet, but you can use it to make a graphic with custom dimensions and then have that printed.

The Pros and Cons of Selling a Self-Published Ebook on Clickbank

If you're going to give away or sell download codes, someone is going to have handle the files. And while you could do it yourself, there are companies that will distribute the file for you and even handle the tech support not having to bother with tech support is definitely worth paying for.

DropCards - This company will not only handle all of the technical details, they can even print high-quality gift cards in a half-dozen styles. The cards will come with one-time use codes, just like you'd find on gift cards for retailers. BookFunnel - This service is best known for helping authors build their mailing lists, but in July it started offering download codes.

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The codes are single-use, and are included in both BF's Bestseller and Mid-list author plans. You will need to arrange to have the codes printed on cards yourself, and you can find more details here. It too offers download codes I have one on my desk but I am having trouble finding a page on the PW website with relevant info.

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  • And again, you'll need to have the cards designed and printed. This section of the post, more than any other, is going to grow over time.

    The Pros and Cons of Selling a Self-Published Ebook on Clickbank

    It will have to, because I can only find one example of an author creating cards to sell ebooks at book fairs. When I'm not quite so busy I plan to design an ebook gift card myself and explore what can go on the front and the back. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

    How to Make Money Selling Ebooks from Your Own Site

    What is an E-book? An E-book is an electronic book which one can publish in electronic form, such that you can assess through electronic devices. An e-book can be fiction or non-fiction book depending on what one wants to write. After writing your e-book, you can sell it on various online platforms.

    Following are the ten best place to sell ebooks online. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing As you know, Amazon is a most popular online marketplace where one can buy or sell various goods. All you have to do is to open your online store with Amazon, publish your e-book and sell it. They let one open an online store for free and also provide them with tools that facilitate selling like share buttons, discount buttons, flexible pricing options, the affiliate program that enhance others to sell your E-book and pay them by commissions.

    Blurb Blurb is a self-publishing website that provides tools to create, promote and sell your E-book. Lulu Lulu is another place to sell your eBook. Lulu provides guidelines on how to create a perfect EBook.

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    • Also, they give personal assistance services on creating E-book on your behalf at a low cost. Feiyr Another place to sell your E-book is Feiyr. Feiyr offers promotional services for E-book and music in different online stores, and they charge a one-time fee. Book baby. Book baby is another platform where one can earn e-book revenue. Though Book baby is quite expensive, they offer excellent services.