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Nikki! Transformation!

All this done while eating vegetarian, low-fat, low sugar meals. Unless I ate purely good choices, and not too much quantity, I threw up. And I threw up every single day of my pregnancy until I got medication to control it. It was almost like my body and the baby in my body knew what I needed, working against all the bad habits I had firmly put in place for decades! I bootle fed my son only since day one. He was also top of the charts, never sick, his first cold at 2 years, never threw up, slept like a lamb, all check ups perfect.

So what is it, breast feeding or bootle feeding…nah.. Oh, and I lost my baby weight 25 pounds in 6 months by simply eating healthily and walking. No extreme diets, no weird supplements, just normal food, carbs and all…. This diet, however, does stimulate thyroid production. The cheat day as I understand it is supposed to improve thyroid production that would otherwise slow during a diet by giving it a jolt of carbs, starches, lactose, etc. Also, I believe Briana ate the same even on her cheat days, which goes to show that the slo-carb diet actually allows you to maintain a healthy internal balance when it comes to a working digestive system to maintain homeostasis needs look it up.

I love this diet. Way to go Briana! I Just had a baby. I am doing the same thing and losing the weight. I breast feed. My baby is healthy and loving life.

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Diana — Really?? My suggestion would be to buy the book and read all of the research and testing that has been done, scientific facts etc and then try it- do your own research to disprove it and then your comments may be taken a little more seriously! Also eating healthy nutritious organic food after giving birth is what is advised when breast feeding?! Wish I had know about this when I was post natal and breast feeding as I would have done it no question! Briana you truly are an inspiration!

I will be following in your footsteps…. Lucy x. Great article. Tim, the well placed caption under the photo of you two had me thinking you knocked her up for a second haha. First off, awesome transformation Briana! I think it takes a lot dedication and consistency to achieve what you have!

Tim it also may be worth checking out the 3DMJ youtube channel. I know you and kevinrose Kevin Rose are big into working out and leading healthy lives as per much of what you discuss on the Random Show. There natural bodybuilders with a large focus on strength and metabolic health. There information was instrumental in helping me understand my body during my last contest prep.

Sorry for the babble! Have a great one! Thanks, Lior. It was a formatting issue with copy and pasting from Word. God, I hate Word with a passion. Hi Alexander! I fully understand how easy it is to start eating bad food: you start by drinking a beer once in a while, then you eat chicken wings and the more you eat unhealthy, the more you crave it. Also, I noticed that the more stressed you are, the harder it is to eat well. Do you know of any particular food or supplement or tips that can help reduce stress?

This would be the culmination of my accomplishment for pushing so insanely ahard in the last year and living the 4HWW was such an impossible crazy idea 1 year ago! All any one needs to do to stay in healthy, slim shape for life without effort is eat an alkalinized organic diet that is mostly green based, predominately raw, and all organic. There is too much GMO chemicals to eat anything else but organic. There is too much really bad unhealthy things in most packaged commercial foods, all farmed fish, and meat in general. An alkaline system will keep you pretty much disease free.

A national study of our food supply by Translational Genomics Research Institute found that food animals are a major source for drug-resistant S. Eating meat-based and fast-foot is the highway to obesity, heart disease, cancers and diabetes that leads to endless medical treatments and prescription drugs. In the U. The fuel used to produce one hamburger patty is enough to drive 20 miles, and erodes 5-times its weight in topsoil.

The carbon emissions created to produce 2. Beef production consumes more water than growing all U. Soybeans, rice, wheat, and potatoes all use between gallons of water per 2. Each year, 41M tons of grain is fed to U. Factory-farmed animals are the most over-medicated creatures on earth. High-density confinement spreads diseases like E. And animal feed is mixed with the brain tissue, blood, bone, and flesh of dead farmed animals. The pollution to U. There are many delicious ways to be more health giving to our bodies and the planet. Become a vegetarian and please encourage others to do so, too.

If these things are true, particularly points 5 and 8, we should have destroyed the planet 50 years ago and would be living in a worldwide wasteland or something close to it by now. I respect vegans, I really do. I did it for 14 years and did not understand health until I began following a paleo type diet. Seriously, I would love to see more people steer clear of this vegan nonsense.

I was a chef for 16 years…. In response, I think as long as things are eaten in moderation, and to be fair all of my beef, chicken, pork, fish are all local and humanely raised…just an FYI , then why not eat meat? Now Ill step off my soapbox. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience their full potential by doing this!! I think in reality this looks much more like a low carb regime, with moderate healthy fats and high protein.

Regardless, this is an incredible feat and I hope it serves as great inspiration to everyone out there who knows they could be enjoying a more active, energy-filled lifestyle. Inspiring story! I totally see myself in your before picture and just needed a little motivation to do something about it.

Such an inspiring story! Quick question, I noticed some of your choices incorporated hummus. Did you at all track a daily alotment? Tim, is there any value in skinny people participating in the 4-hour support group? A control group, so to speak? It depends. For such people, absolutely. Ditto for such people. Congrats Briana! More than the method, what you proved is for all of us, stopping our excuses. Hi Tim, Hope everything went great in Ethiopia. Great point. Oz is highlighting its use. Usually carbohydrates or sugars that are not used immediately or stored in other forms are converted into fats.

When HCA inhibits citrate lyase, the fat-making process is halted and the production of LDL bad cholesterol and triglycerides decrease. HCA also suppresses appetite by increasing serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in your brain that makes you feel good. Having low levels of serotonin may make you feel depressed or anxious; it drives many people into emotional or reactive eating.

By increasing serotonin levels, HCA improves mood and suppresses the drive to react to stressful situations with food. As you eat less, your body senses this and it releases stored fat in your fat cells. I am less interested in the appetite suppressant aspect of this drug than I am in the serotonin increase. From one of those skinny people — the slow-carb diet works. Here are few results I got in just one month:. Never felt hungry, which is a huge advantage compared to other diets I tried before.

Introduced amazed doctor to The 4-Hour Body. Despite 0. So I tracked abs area as the first priority. Short after, I asked my friends what would they think was the one part of my body required fat loss. Each time, we shared a good laugh.

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With the slow-carb diet, I started cooking dinners first, then lunches. Now, I always bring my lunch with me to the office — unbelievable! The picture says it all and shows that anything is possible if you put in some effort. Super inspiring! Congratsss Briana! You can be proud. Can someone confirm this please? Great story! First week, day 5 and lost 2kg! I saw that and was cracking up! But when you think more about it, you can easily see that it guarantees a negative calorie balance without making you starve — which is in fact the key to fat loss.

The SCD is so much easier to follow though. I have started the slow carb diet and lost some weight, but i assume I have made some mistakes. No dairy and no fruit? Where are her balanced nutrients coming from? Thin is fine, but undernourished is no better than obesity. Instead of weight loss, maybe we should be thinking more about ensuring we get the basic vitamins and minerals we need for our bodies to function at optimal capacity within a balanced calorie consumption — burn range.

Foods within a group— sure. Cutting back on calorie consumption within a food group— absolutely. But to completely cut out necessary vitamins and minerals for the sake of looking good to other people— not so much. Staying with the SCD for the rest of your life means that you will live the rest of your life without necessary nutrients. To the best of my knowledge, a body can get the same nutrients from dairy from certain green leafy vegetables. If you look at what you are eating on SCD, you are not cutting out nutrients. In fact, if you just cut out white foods, you will start to see weight loss without doing anything else.

You should read about high glycemic index foods which may explain why cutting certain fruits and dairy is necessary. Also, look up work by Dr. Mark Hyman, he talks about dairy and its affects on the body. If you had read the book The 4 Hour Body you would know that 1: all the necessary nutrients are available in the slow carb diet. Once you achieve your goals some of the foods can be reintroduces in moderation. My question is about reintroducing those foods in moderation. I do occassionally like snacking on fresh summer melons.

Has anyone had success reincorporating foods like fruits and bread back into their diet in moderation after fat loss on the SCD? I am worried that I am going to undo all my progress. But at the same time I think including foods I love, like fruit in smoothies, naan bread with Indian food, etc.

It can get depressing eating the same foods over and over. Not much. ALL of the nutrients in fruit are available in spades from veggies and dairy is not that great outside of a macro perspective. Especially after the treatment it gets in processing before it gets to the stores.

The weight and craving carbs is sooo difficult and my struggle — and late night eating. Four paragraphs…. Congratulations Briana. Congratulations Tim. Incredible Journey. I have lost 72 pounds but am finding the last few hard to shift so will be joining the group. I find your articles very inspiring and great help! Thank you. Reading this blog led to my buying the audio book, buying the digital book, and subscribing. You gotta love the web and how it makes money. Hi Briana, Congratulations and thanks for sharing your photos with the world!

Week 1 What can I do to get off this plateau? Be patient. Keep at it. Your body goes thru natural plateaus. I added intermittent kettlebell swings 3x week — 75 reps a pop, sometimes in two sets and that helps break the plateau. Thank you for your inspiring story. As a mother of three, I have been trying to lose that last 40 lbs for years. As a photographer, I hate getting in front of the camera, but your article gave me the idea to incorporate my love of photography with my weight loss journey.

Hey, maybe I will shoot a pin-up photo of myself! As a mom of two little guys, I am picking up on something that she did not mention. I BET she is feeding her kids a lot better too! If she is not eating junk and carbs, her kids are not either. Not only is she making herself healthy, she is helping her kids eat better. The transformation is wonderful and I am so inspired! When mom gets in shape and eats better, the family tends to follows just by default. I was in awesome shape, size 3, working out all the time, six-pack abs-the works. Then life happened, and I gained a bit.

But then life really happened and I had a baby 9. Wait for it…. What the fig newton???!!!!! Fantastic job! I lost 40 lbs, so this system works! My question to you is: how did you tighten up the excess skin? Mine just sort of hangs there…. I have the same question! I was going to ask same question… Muffin tops sag after weight loss how do you fix that? Tummy tucks for all?

An avenue to explain why I cut my own bangs, along with other mistakes I've made in life.

My husband and I have lost over lbs following the 4-hour body principles. We have kept the weight off , but have been on a plataue for over a year, nothing has budged. Granted , we have lost inches and gained muscle, but we would and could stand to lose 10 lbs. How and why do we plataue and how do we jump start the weight lose again?

Thanks for the advice! Great article! Before and after pics are always inspirational. I gained 40lbs mostly muscle this year and am in the process of cutting some body fat before going through another round of hypertrophy. Your story was telling and it was courageous given the number of very public failures you managed to make.

The pull to eat old foods lies latent waiting to pop up whenever it can. Having lost pounds in using the Zone diet then exploring many other diets with an experimental rigor and geekiness almost as obsessive as Tim himself I realized last year that I had never tried the SCD. I was also developing a muse that is interesting enough that I thought Tim should hear about it.

I had some kick ass binge days. Within six months I had put the weight back on plus 5 pounds as I was completely unable to stop myself from sugaring out — a problem that I had fully mastered for 10 years. I neither craved sugar nor starches after about and simply did not eat them. Suddenly I was re-immersed in the constant pull to eat sugar and the associated feelings that went along with it. It has taken me every bit of 9 months to re-master the cravings.

I spent three weeks trying and failing to juice fast them away then finally did a 7 day fast a month ago that kicked them and dropped about ten pounds of fat off of me at the same time. On the way to creating a muse to supplement my income as a yoga studio owner and meditation teacher I accidentally created a paradigm shifting product that will permanently alter cultural thinking on a topic near and dear to his heart. After first round seed money provided the means to test the device we now know we have a winner. I believe I need something bigger than that for this project.

Thanks for all you have done, Tim.

Vet me at my yoga studio website. We are still working with NDAs. I know that since I have greatly reduced carbs in my diet I feel much better and am able to maintain my weight.

A Day In The Life of my Supposedly Frugal Stomach

Quite a transformation. Excellent job!! I have the four hour chef but i had to put it down because of college. This is just the push I needed to get things started. Awesome story Briana! Congrats to her. I think the important thing to remember when it comes to diet is that not one diet works well for every person. For me a diet like this is not sustainable nor practical long term.

For my money nothing beats intermittent fasting, specifically Leangains.

6 Tips for Getting Your Stubborn Significant Other to Eat Healthier

Thank you so much for sharing your story, and being brave enough to pose in a bikini when you were feeling down about your weight. Among my friends who also have small children and I we joke that breast -feeding is the Eat-anything-you-want-plus-cookies-and-still-lose-weight-diet. I lost 8 pounds in the first two weeks and felt great!

Thank You! Okay, I now this is a question based on cynicism, but here it goes: why are the before photos taken in stark white light and the after photos are not? Eastern cultures have very different diets than Americans and Europeans. For plateaus Tim usually leans on 30g protein within 30 min of waking.

Briana, Give us a hint about your workouts. Great question Scott! I have been on the slow carb diet for a month. I have been religious with this diet. The amount of progress I have reached so far is really beginning to frustrate me and make me feel a bit hopeless. In your book I see quotes and stories of people who have lost 20 pounds their first month! I have lost a whopping 3 pounds! Also a total of 3 inches from various places on my body. I take cold showers in the morning and sit with an ice pack on my neck while I read before bed.

Please please please help! I understand every one has a different body but I feel very discouraged. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! I would recommend that you start keeping a food journal with calorie intake count. My guess is that you are either unconsiously cheating with non-SCD foods or taking way more calories in than your body-needs.

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Even though I fully agree with SCD principals for rapid weight-loss, if you consume signfificantly more calories than your needs, you will not loose weight. Well I do actually keep a food journal,and have been since I started the diet. Breakfast is always egg whites with 2 strips of bacon and spinach,3 hours later its chicken breast and a huge salad without dressing,and I repeat that every three hours.

Sometimes I switch it up by eating tuna salad or a protein shake instead of a salad. It would make sense since eating too few calories can be just as detrimental to your diet as eating too many. What a great story Tim and thanks for bringing Briana in. I think that stay-at-hone moms always have challenges with losing weight. Because working out is one of the best natural ways to effect changes on the body system. Hi Mark! What I love about your story is that you tweaked the eating schedule. And that you included snacks.

I truly love eating the same thing. I know you must feel incredible…. Did the ultra run really happen or was the training not as effective as you would have hoped, my wife and I did the the 3 month programme and we both felt that we were up to the job, but we had both run the distance before.

How do actors bulk up so quickly for movie roles? - Quora

Awesome post Tim and Briana! I got pregnant with baby 3. Your photos and story have been with me since I first read them. I have completed Week 1. I am excited and happy. But even more is the present place I live in now. I am not in the past or the future. My brain seems to be very very different off of carbs. I knew food was doing weird things to me. But yesterday, my first carb day.

Wow I almost feel down after eating plain yogurt with raspberries and honey. Then had coffee which I never drink with sugar. I had to throw it out. I was spitting food out because it tasted so odd. I was craving eggs and lentils. I went with the day. By last night I felt like I had smoked a joint that was 2 decades ago plus. The soporific effect of the carbs was disgusting. It was a major carb coma. My emotions were everywhere! Loaded in the veggies and protein. Rested and did my squats etc.

Purchased my own copy of 4-Hour Body and I read it every day.

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I live in that thing. My body was craving and in so much need. I have not been able to lose weight. I have tried everything. I mean everything and nothing has worked. I am treating this as a science project. I am excited and the emotions around food I usually have not entered into this at all. Write down the numbers, eat good food, have fun. Great stuff, Briana! I think you looked great before the weight loss … but you look cover-model, unbelievably hot now!

General question about SCD …. I know fruits were one of your biggest cravings Briana and I remember that the slow carb diet limits fruit intake to a small amount. We all know we are fallible. And when I eat a banana or an apple, I rarely feel like having five more straightaway. But even if I did, it would be nearly not as bad as eating the equivalent amount of refined sugar. The point is the body deals with refined sugar and sugar accompanied by fiber ie, fruits in different ways. The relevant part is around but I highly recommend watching the whole video to anyone, can be life changing….

I participate in a summer mountain bike race series. Is it good to do slow-carb or cheat day on race days for max results? You advocate a lot of self-punishment and stress-related motivators to get people on the right track and keep them there. What about people who have a hard time dealing with stress? Since its inately punishing to see a picture of yourself, fat, every day, if you have to take it down because you have guests it can obviously be hard to put it back up again.

I was worried about how I was going to cope with staying on track when working night, then suddenly realised something blindingly obvious…. Taking some almond butter to work tonight. Almond butter and celery sticks. Also, going to bag up some other goodies to take with me. Just what I needed to read. Nice to have some inspiration. Thank You. Briana- I paid for the ebook and it was not delivered to me. Can you help? I am on my account and there is no link to download it. I have been stuck in the middle i love working out, i would hit the gym 5 times a week if i would be allowed to.

I am on my way to benching lbs with Timothy plan from his book. But i get frustrated cause everything i read, feels like i can either be strong or be get thin. If i try to do both i wont see results. What kind of research did you do to find an omega oil compatible with breast feeding? Hello Tim and Briana, You have set an example to lead. I want to loose 30 kg and I am a vegetarian means where i m from fish is Considered meat as well. I am already on page 50 of the 4HWW. I am a baker by profession and love my bread too.

Could use some tips. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Gaurav. This is impressing! I will definitely give this a try. Nothing makes you feel better but a healthier life. Great story. I am not sure how I could eat every three hours. I wonder if it is a must. I like the advice on planning. I agree that if you fail to plan, anything, you will likely fail.

Hello Briana Christine! You r my hero! I feel like we have the same story! After my 2nd child who just turned 3, I lost all 70 lbs that I put on. I got pregnant again! The boys were born 15 months ago weighing in at 7lbs EACH! I developed gest. Needless to say my body is shot. Once a size 4 with kick butt abs I am now a fat mess! Thank u so much for your time…. Fat in Atlanta. Great Story! I am curious why and where you got the idea of that amount super high dose of fish oil? Fish oil has a decent blood-thinning effect.

I take 2 grams a day, and at that, every time I get blood drawn, I end up with a huge bruise. I would never take that much. Sounds like a stroke waiting to happen? Would love to hear some clinical opinions…. And, as amazing as her commitment is to her own body and fitness, it pales in comparison to her passion for helping others achieve the same results. And I swear, she could probably help you get a 6-pack just through laughter. Thanks to slow carb diet I lost 8kg 16lb in less than 2 months with 0 exercise. Ashley Hicks is married to Kata de Solis.

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