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So instead of getting them up, you need to resettle them back to sleep. Or at least try to resettle them. Resettling a catnapping baby can be tough. It can be demoralising, and it can be futile, at times. So if you feel you are getting nowhere, then give yourself, and your baby a break. You are okay and your baby is okay. You can choose one sleep a day to work on rather than all the sleeps, or you can just stop resettling altogether for a week and then try again. Most catnapping babies eventually do grow out of catnapping. We have a range of services that can give you that hands-on help you need to kick catnapping to the curb!

We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and tell us how long your baby is sleeping during the day and how long it has been since you have had a hot cup of tea! Jo was amazing. She realised straight away that our daughter had a negative association with our bedroom and with the bassinet.

She moved her into the nursery in the cot and used her gentle settling technique. Within a single sleep, our baby was sleeping for two and a half hours at a time and was smiling and cooing when she was awake. Over the next 24 hours, she became a changed baby and we were changed parents. Every moment you delay is one more moment between a more rested you and your happier baby.

My 15 week old only sleeps for 40 minutes for all of her day sleeps, and has been doing this since about 5 weeks old. Sometimes it is easy to resettle her — all it takes is a dummy — and sometimes most times it takes almost an hour. This means that instead of getting a good 2 hour nap, and the being able to stay up longer next time, she gets an interrupted 1 and a bit hour sleep, and then get tired quicker next time she is up. Hi Belinda, thanks for your comment and it can be incredibly frustrating when a baby catnaps.

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The fact your baby has been doing it since she was so young could mean there is something other than develop going on. Things like hunger and reflex can cause a baby to catnap from a young age. Take a look at our catnapping tip sheet or if you wanted some more hands-on help, please contact me on jo babybliss. My 10 month old has just started catnapping again. When baby gets sick, I always seem to have to start the self settling thing from scratch again!! This tip sheet would apply to your baby Katie.

You should also look at how much sleep she is having as 10 month olds really only need one short catnap and one decent sleep per day. Unfortunately sickness can throw things off but you just need to get back on track as soon as your baby is well. Hi Jo, my baby is 6 months old and has been catnapping during the day for ages.

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I have resigned myself to it, as he is able to stay up happily for 2 hours after his nap and so I use the naptime to sit quietly in the nursery and read a book or write emails rather than rushing around trying to get things done, like I used to. I mean, from a developmental perspective? And will he eventually start to naturally extend his naps anyway? He has started sometimes napping for 45 mins, and sometimes, freakishly, an hour, and it used to be 30 mins on the dot I remember one day he had 6 x 30 minute naps which was a bit crazy!

Catnapping Could Be The Answer To Better Baby Sleep

What do you think? Hi Kate, great question! So he should naturally get better with the catnapping. I do think babies generally need more sleep than 30 to 45 minutes but if he is happy and sleeping well overnight then that is fine. Once he starts moving then those naps should get longer. Best of luck with it! Jo, thanks so much for your webpage. My 6 month old power naps three times a day mins at a time n ive felt like ive been doing it all wrong not being able to get her to sleep for longer until reading your pages! My baby started catnapping badly after he was sick, he got better at 9 weeks and all of a sudden he is now catnapping badly.

Am adjusting his awake time — which has gone up — and attempting resettles during the day. Hoping to persist and break catnapping habit as I think he sleeps better at night from my efforts. Am I doing the right thing?

Catnapping Could Be The Answer To Better Baby Sleep

Hi Jo, it sounds like you are doing the right things. The resettling can be tricky — are you patting her back to sleep? I would try that and hopefully she will go back to sleep faster and then will start to string those cycles together. Some babies do need to grow and develop a bit more before that start to sleep longer but having a quick resettle is a great start!

Should I swaddle for naps? At night she struggles with the swaddle a lot and sometimes she even wiggles an arm out. Definitely swaddle for all naps. There are some great swaddles on the market that will stop your baby getting their arms out. My problem is that she can settle back to sleep fairly easily most times but she cant stay asleep. Hi Jo, my daughter is 10 weeks and has been catnapping for most of her day naps for 5 weeks now.

Is she too young to start implementing your technique?

Solutions for catnapping during the day

Can I expect her to stop catnapping at 10 weeks, or should I wait until after 12 weeks, then following your catnapping tip sheet? Hi Kathleen, thanks for your question. She will be better at learning to put herself to sleep after 12 weeks but you can certainly begin now. Let me know if you need any further help. Good luck! Hi Jo!

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We purchased your catnapping tip sheet and seminar this past weekend. We were going in at the 30 min mark when he woke and letting him stay away for all of the 35 mins he would last. He almost always closes his eyes and falls back asleep — however as your tip sheet mentions, its usually just for a minute or two and then he stirs again, and we shush and pat.

This can sometimes last the next hour as we are following the philopsophy to keep him in his crib for the 90 minutes This is exhausting in its own way, but I am glad he is getting more sleep, which is the most important thing. I worry that the shushing and patting to resettle will become a sleep prop and he wont ever be able to fall asleep on his own without it? We also have pacifier troubles. Should we be taking that away now too. Once that falls out his eyes pop open and i cant imagine hell be able to resettle with out it.

He is 13 weeks. Thanks so much!! Hi Mel, so catnapping is generally developmental. Sometimes, with tweaking a few things and resettling, babies will grow out of it quickly. Some babies need to grow and develop a bit more before they can start to string those two cycles together. The key is really getting him to be able to put himself to sleep initially. Once he can do this then often the catnapping will stop. Good luck with it all! Hi Jo, My 13 week old was responding well to the tips on resettling from weeks but at 11 weeks it seemed as though he regressed and started only doing min naps and upon resettling and would only stay asleep for mins and cry again and we repeat over and over — why do they not stay asleep?

Also we feel as though he starts to really get distressed and cries harder and we have to pick him up in which sometimes he continues to cry for another 5 mins before calming — is he associating crying super hard so we will pick him up? Lastly, you mention that developmentally they grow out of it … What age would that be?

Hi Tien, babies do have regressions as they grow. I know it can be frustrating but if you push through then often it will pass quickly. You also need to look at the routine and what may not be working anymore. Babies do grow and move on and so we need to adjust the routine to fit that.

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SLEEP TALK: Catnapping

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Worrying about catnapping

See also nap noun. Thomas Edison was famous for his ability to catnap anywhere. He was tired in the day and would catnap and then be more wakeful at night. See also nap verb. He catnapped just before dawn and rose to the alarm at seven. She catnapped, shaking herself awake every time she felt herself drifting towards a deeper sleep. Try and catnap when the baby sleeps , or even just lie in front of the TV for a bit.

Throwing himself into a chair the surgeon, used to getting a catnap whenever and wherever possible, was soon sleeping as soundly as was his young patient. What sleep there was came only in catnaps, for there was the constant noise of the pumps, and the running about of the sailors on the decks.

Examples of catnap. He required little sleep but was known to take catnaps. From Wikipedia. Overcome with exhaustion, he lies down on the bed for a catnap. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.