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You will find a unique leadership development experience that both deeply connects you to your inherent strength and wisdom, while also enabling you to stretch your thinking and expand your skills.

The learning community also provides an opportunity to build relationships with a talented network of natural product professionals — including yourself! The program brings together expertise in the practices of mindfulness, creative process, and systems thinking. Drawing from proven methodologies, our facilitators bring a multi-faceted approach to authentic leadership development. Current research concludes what many of us intuitively know—that traditional leadership programs fall short because they focus on transmitting technical information and content, without developing the leaders themselves.

We cultivate the whole leader. For 17 years, the Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University has been ahead of the curve, integrating ancient wisdom with contemporary approaches to leadership and organizational learning.

Why Authentic Leadership?

With over graduates from our flagship authentic leadership program, our alumni have had a positive impact on all sectors in society. Many dynamic and pioneering natural product companies, large and small, call Boulder home. Anchored by Naturally Boulder , the natural products community in Colorado is highly collaborative. The generosity of information, advice and mentorship is not to be missed! In partnership with:.

Authentic Leadership Guide: Definitions, Qualities, Pros & Cons, Examples

Brand Director, The Jackfruit Company. Authentic Leadership for Naturals offers a chance for a retreat-like experience that provides networking that goes to a deeper level. Bonds are formed when masks are dropped and real challenges are revealed. Development Director, Rodale Institute.

What Is Authentic Leadership?

Susan Skjei, PhD, PCC, is an international educator, coach and consultant specializing in leadership and transformative change. Over the last 25 years, she has worked with thousands of leaders in the US, Canada, and Europe to cultivate mindfulness and authenticity, strengthen relational skills, and effectively lead the changes they want to see in their organizations and in the world.

Drawing on neuroscience, Buddhism, complexity science, organizational learning and leadership, Susan has developed programs for leaders from business, government and the non-profit sectors. Apply code at checkout. We invite you to join our community. Receive the latest news and updates from our team. Grow the future. Are you a Natural? Are you: A leader or future leader in the natural products industry?

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Motivated to have a positive impact on society and do good in the world? Wanting to enhance creativity in yourself and your team, even through challenge and change?

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Passionate about the industry staying connected to its authentic roots as it grows and matures? When you develop mutual trust, you find it easier to share leadership responsibilities throughout the organization. You find that people who will go the extra mile knowing their leader cares.

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To show authenticity, start with open, transparent communication. The image you project in public should not be drastically different from how you are in private. Transparency allows you to be honest if you make a mistake. It will enable others to feel comfortable admitting their faults when things go wrong.

Great Leaders Need Authenticity - David Simnick - TEDxCollegeofWilliam&Mary

People respect leaders who are honest and transparent. Take a minute to think of the personality traits you utilize at work that are also present in your private life. As you craft your unique leadership style, think about how you can maintain transparency in your actions and decisions. There is no better teacher than life. When working with your staff, sharing lessons you have learned from past experiences illustrate your points. Also, relying on your life experiences helps you see things differently, and the context will have greater meaning.

Sharing how your experiences have shaped your decisions is one of the best ways to develop your staff and help them grow in their leadership capacities. Drawing on this concept, allow others to share their experiences to help inform the decisions being made. Leaders who inspire trust will help pull us out of this slump by demonstrating self-awareness, honesty, and courage; by building honest relationships based on their real values.

What is Authentic Leadership?

And, by listening. To themselves, and to the people with whom they work and socialize. Authentic leaders aren't afraid to express themselves honestly, to ask the difficult questions and take action based on what they hear. Here's an example of an authentic leader who has impressed me greatly. Cristina is a highly experienced professional in the IT segment in Brazil with a strong focus on innovation. I found her wonderful because she shared her fears, likes, dislikes, and own leadership path with the group in a very open and honest way.

She is highly influential because of this authenticity. No one can be authentic without fail; everyone behaves inauthentically at times , saying and doing things they will come to regret," writes Bill George, author of True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership. Self-awareness and listening are closely linked. To be self-aware, you must listen to yourself first and understand how your experiences, values, beliefs, gender, education, and social status can impact what you hear, and how you take action.

Armed with that insider knowledge, you can listen, free of assumptions and judgments, to the people you lead, and make strategic decisions based on what you have learned from your discussions.